Curtis Rayment

Multidisciplinary Designer from the South Coast of England, close to graduating from Winchester School of Art. Specialising in creating practical
experiences that have both a physical and
digital existence.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity for a new collection of healthy carbonated soft drinks. Rise comes in three organic and vibrant fruit flavours that awaken
you for your day ahead. 

— Visual Identity
— Website Design
— 3x Products

The Alley 021

Printed Matter


The Alley 021. Risograph printed poster design. Wallpaper pasted posters displayed on the walls of the event.

— 16x11.5 Risograph Prints

(Other prints designed by James Aspey, Lukas Keysell, Rory MacRaild, Pan Skaribas
and Ewan Craig)

Snaps: Aisling Sam

my words
Printed Matter


An exploration into the process of interpretation towards typography through practical methods.
Warp my words performs as a workshop that
enables individuals to visually experiment 
through physical involvement with
constructed letterforms.

— 16x11.5 Risograph Prints
— Physical Letterforms

Workshop Experience

An exploration into the visual representation
of the term ‘Archive’. Inspired by Dadaism and Marcel Duchamp's’ ‘readymades’ theory, research explores the concept of generative design through a workshop that engages an innovative analogue procedure.

Replicating the handmade craft of print stamps,
a physical tool kit was constructed that adopts the visual language of the workshop whilst enabling participants to form contrasting outcomes. Following the practice of Dadaism upon

— 16x11.5 Print
— 10x8 Risograph Archive Book
— Interactive Tool Kit


Printed Matter

In collaboration with students at the Winchester School of Art we designed a publication for India Lawtons' Lineage for the touring exhibition
British Art Show 8. 

Printing and production was achieved
as a collective whilst documenting
the entire process.

— 8x5.5 Risograph Book
— 16x11.5 Risograph Print
— 1:03 Process Film


Exhibition Identity 


An exhibition celebrating the life and work 
of Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi through
modern adaptation as his Sagrada Familia
enters it’s final stages of construction. The
identity evolves around the four components
of the icon. These components break apart
to communicate four particular sections/
levels of the exhibition. 

— 8x5.5 Identity Catalogue
— 16x11.5 Print